Success Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

Affirmations are brief repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Having a sound mind to win in business is the foundation to begin impacting lives through your mission.

 Use these affirmations to help promote success in your entrepreneurial endeavors. You have so much wisdom to teach yourself about yourself. You can choose one to repeat throughout the day and choose another affirmation for the next day. 

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1. I am worthy of success.
2. I am worthy of a successful business.
3. I bring value to my customers.
4.  I am worthy of creating a dream community. 
5. I trust in my abilities and skills.
6. I let go of the feelings of self-doubt.
7. I am worthy of revealing my gifts to others. 
8. I fully embrace my entrepreneurial journey.
9. I take good care of my health.
10. I am allowing a work-life balance.
11. I am open to growth in my personal and professional life. 
12. I am growing into my true brilliance. 
13. I am learning new skills.
14. I am letting go of perfectionism. 
15. I am open to receiving sound advice. 
16. I receive an abundance of income for my works.
17. I am overflowing with success in my business.
18. My business has a positive impact on the lives of the customers. 
19. I set bold yet realistic goals. 
20. I succeed at every goal I set for myself.
21. I am unstoppable.
22. I am focused on abundance and positive impact.
23. I let go of any fears that may have held me back. 
24. I am winning in business. 
25. I am successful. 
-You are balanced and whole!