Embrace tranquility and deepen your connection with Jesus in 'Dear Father God: A Collection of Morning and Night Prayers.' From the first light of dawn to the quiet of nightfall, these soul-soothing prayers guide you through reflective moments, inviting you to converse with God. Wrapped in the warmth of each prayer, find solace and comfort in the presence of Jesus. Start your day in peaceful communion or conclude it with serene reflection, as these heartfelt prayers become a gentle companion on your spiritual journey. Let 'Dear Father God' be your invitation to unwind, reflect, and draw closer to the loving embrace of Jesus. Immerse yourself in its pages and let its tranquil wisdom enrich your daily life.

The Five Stages of Self Love

Do you ever feel like you don't measure up? That you're not worthy of love and joy? You are not alone. So many of us live our lives feeling isolated, rejected, and invisible. But there is hope! The Five Stages of Self-Love is the answer. This book will give you the tools to learn how to truly love and accept yourself. Discover the keys to lasting self-acceptance by going through the five main stages of self-love: Beginner Self, Self-Awareness, Self-Commitment, Self-Devotion, and Self-Acceptance. Unlock your potential and create a life of true joy and genuine self-love with this life-changing book.

Meditating On Self Love Podcast

Empower yourself on your journey of self-love and self-acceptance with Meditating On Self Love Podcast. Hosted by Ya Rose every Wednesday, this podcast offers over 300+ episodes of affirmations, meditations, tips, and prayers to help people of all levels in their self-love practice. Join Ya Rose and discover your own personal God-given talents. Meditating On Self Love Podcast is available on all streaming platforms.

Dear Father God™

Introducing Dear Father God! A special newsletter created to help people of all ages deepen their relationship with God. Here, I provide inspiring prayers, uplifting reflections, and life-changing bible verses each week. I understand that faith can be a difficult journey and it is our mission to provide encouragement and support to those who are seeking a closer connection with God. Whether you’re just beginning to explore your faith or have been on the path for years, Dear Father God is here to help you grow spiritually. Join me each week and discover the peace and joy that comes from a life lived in faith!


Meet The Author

Ya Rose is an engaging author and podcast host dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to self-acceptance and growth. With a captivating writing style and insightful podcasts like 'Meditating On Self Love' and 'Dear Father God,' Ya Rose weaves narratives that inspire and uplift. As the author of ‘Dear Father God: A Collection of Morning and Night Prayers’ and 'The Five Stages of Self Love,' Ya Rose continues to touch lives and foster positive change. Connect for collaborative opportunities in personal development and prayer.