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24 Affirmations For Boundaries

Use these affirmations to assist you on your self love journey. 💕

1. I accept responsibility for what I allow. 
2. I take time for myself. 
3. I develop standards that are true to who I am.
4. I allow myself to grow.
5. I am committed to making myself a priority. 
6. I allow self-care to be a priority in my life.
7. I set proper boundaries for myself with everyone including me.
8. I acknowledge and accept my feelings in every moment. 
9. I acknowledge when I feel uncomfortable.
10. I work to create a safe space within myself to feel my feelings.
11.  I set boundaries that put my safety first.
12.  I respect myself.
13. I allow myself to change.
14. I allow myself to let go of what no longer serves me.
15. I take time to discover what is truly important to me.
16. I embrace saying no. 
17.  I let go of being controlled by others.
18.  I let go of controlling other’s behavior.
19.  I acknowledge I can not change others.
20. I set proper boundaries with difficult people.
21. I walk away from people, places or things that do not respect my boundaries.
22.  I clearly define each of my standards in every area of my life. 
23. I am strong in my boundaries.
24.  I allow myself the time needed to set and maintain proper boundaries.
25. I affirm I have proper physical, emotional, mental, verbal, and spiritual boundaries in my life.
-You are balanced and whole!
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