Affirmations For Letting Go Of Pain

Affirmations are shorten repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Use these affirmations to boost your confidence and bring safety into your body, mind, and soul.

 Use these affirmations to embrace change and let go of any pain in your body. Allow yourself to embrace the change that is happening within your subconscious while using these affirmations.

1. I am letting go of discomfort.
2. I am letting go of dis-ease.
3. I am letting of any hurt trapped in my body.
4. I am letting go any self-doubt.
5. I am embracing my health.
6. I  am embracing my inner guidance.
7. I am embracing inner authority.
8. I declare in this moment that I am letting go of pain.
9. In this moment, I let go of any worries about my future.
10. In this moment, I let go of any painful memories that may linger inside me. 
11. I let of any guilt I have stored inside my body.
12. I let go of any traumas I am holding in my body.
13.  I am embracing change and personal growth in my life.
14. I am moving forward with health and wellness.

Use these affirmations to assist you on your self love journey. 💕

15. I embrace my entire body especially my heart.
16. I take great care of my heart.
17. I embrace my mind especially my clarity of thought.
18. I let go of thoughts that no longer serve me. 
19. I let go of painful thoughts.
20. I am completely filled with love all over my body.
21.  I resolve any anger I am carrying in my body.
22. I clear out any stuck energy in my mind, body, and soul.
23. I am safe in my body.
24. I am safe in my mind.
25. I am safe in my soul.
26. I am free of any pain. 
-You are balanced and whole!
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