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Protect Your Energy: 3 Creative Forms of Head Coverings

Why does one wear a head covering? Head coverings are to protect the energy, modesty and nobility of the person. Since ancient times, head coverings can be found in major religions and practices including Judaism, Christianity and Kundalini Yoga.  

In modern times, one may wear a head covering for style, modesty, energetic protection, and devotion to practice.  In some traditional Jewish communities, women wear sheitels as a form of modesty. In some Christian communities, one wears a head covering as a vail or when fasting.

There are many creatives ways to create a head covering to protect your spirituality and energy. Is it possible to use head coverings as a way to protect your energy? Yes.  Here are three creative forms of head covering to protect your energy on a daily bases:

1. Head Scarf

Head scarfs are trendy or traditional.  Head scarfs are versatile in that they do not only have to be worn on the head. When covering one’s head finding the best colors and cut of a headscarf will be helpful to help bring out one’s unique expression while wearing a headscarf. The headscarf may cover the entire head or be placed at the crown of one’s head. One may realize that grace is the covering that brings the inspiration to live a mindful life of purpose. 

2. Wigs/Weaves

Wigs and weaves may be used as a protective style to maintain low manipulation of hair and promote hair growth. The spiritual nature of head coverings via wigs is practiced in traditional Jewish communities. 

Embracing wigs as spiritual protection may transform one’s self image into more intentionality in the way one attributes their beauty traditions. The ability to ritualize hair coverings and accessories may bring power.  

3 Creative Forms Of Head Coverings For Energy Protection

3. Hats

Hats bring focus and intention into the task or mission needing to be accomplished. Placing a hat on one’s head may keep one warm. It will also leave less exposure to one’s crown. 

By doing the intention work head coverings can be used as powerful protection, style, modesty, and manifestation. Head coverings do not have to be used to hide your light or imperfections. Instead, they work to protect your energy. 

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