Bedtime Affirmations Meditation I Am Worthy

Affirmations are brief repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Having a goodnight’s rest starts with finding calm from your surrounding and from within your body, mind, and soul.

 Use these affirmations to help promote internal calm and wholeness as you close the day. You have so much wisdom to teach yourself about yourself. You can choose one to repeat before bed and choose another affirmation for the each night. 

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1. I have faith in myself.
2. I believe in myself.
3. I am a powerful being.
4. My light shines effortlessly.
5. I am desired by my goals and dreams.
6. I desire my goals and dreams.
7. I am good enough.
8. I am worthy of all good things.
9. I am worthy of accomplishing my goals.
10. I am worthy of having a calming restful sleep.
11. I l get what I desire effortlessly. 
12. I live proudly in my own skin.
13. I honor myself. 
14. I let go of the need to please.
15. I am worthy of happiness. 
16. I am happy just being who I am.
17. I am worthy of love.
18. I am love. 
19. I am beautiful.
20. I am powerful.
21. I am already whole. 
22. I rest well knowing I am worthy.
-You are balanced and whole!

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