Self Love Psychology – Journey To Self Love

What is self love?

Self love is a personal journey that you will learn to define for yourself. Therefore, self awareness is the best initial way to start a self love journey. This self awareness includes being mindful of everything you have around you and in your life at a given moment.

Mirror Work

First, you may want to start with mirror work. There are so many different types of mirror work but what may work for you is starting by just staring at yourself in the mirror. And just being aware of what you look like? Have you noticed any changes within your face and your self? What are the things you enjoy about yourself? Are there things that you want to say: oh this could be better? You are being honest but not negative and you are accepting it all. The self awareness is permitting yourself to no longer deny anything about you. Then you may want to gaze into your own eyes and connect with your soul and have a deep silent conversation with your soul through your eyes. And take your time.

Self Awareness

Starting a self love journey with that awareness is super important because it is going to get you to a grounded space. A humble space within yourself so that you can have an open honest dialogue with yourself so you don’t run away from yourself. And you are going to trust that you are okay with how you are speaking to yourself. I believe that’s a super honest way to begin your self love journey.

Also, simpler parts of starting my self love journey became what I chose to wear. What textures I chose to put on my body; how I chose to take care of my general health; going to sleep; waking up what I chose to drink and eat, who I chose to speak to, what I chose to speak about. All of this takes time.


Commitment is the first initial stage of saying yes: I care enough about myself to start a self love journey to improve my relationship with myself; a how starting a self love journey could change my life for the better. Focus on committing to the process of loving you through challenges and triumphs. It’s your needed presence in moments where you may feel like its a struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What to expect on the self love journey process?

Next, the process of a self love journey is about dealing with myself in a way of being humble; and listening to my body and going to these deep places inside myself that I have not explored probably ever, and committing to myself that I would stay inside this healing journey and watch it unfold. Even when it is tough and things feel like they are unraveling I still stay very close to my inner and outer layer and stay committed to the self.

So, when I first started my self love journey an author whose writings and teachings helped me was, Louise Hay. Louise Hay was an American motivational author and the founder of Hay House. She wrote self-help books like You Can Heal Your Life. She passed away in 2017. And she has tons of affirmations that are profound and rooted in self love. Like so many, I would listen to her self love meditation every night before I would go to bed. That was how I started to ingrain into my subconscious what self love is and what are some of the tools and traits of self love and what I needed to do to allow the self love journey to begin in my life.

With the help of Louise Hay affirmations and ideals, I was able to start to remix it and add my ideals and started to feel comfortable and more confident in claiming that yes I have started a self love journey.

Never Stop Learning

Also, the process of a self love journey that you never stop learning and defining and it is also a process that never stops giving to you by allowing you to feel at home in your body and your inward and outward space.

This process equals patience. It will not happen overnight. You have to have the patience to go through the process and that in time may be four months, maybe six months, maybe a year you are going to start to recognize the fruits of your self love, valuing yourself and all of that work that you began in that time past, begin to manifest.

But for some when you first start it may feel like nothing is happening, and none of it is paying off and none of it is working out, and you might want to go back to be unaware but the process is to allow yourself to stick and commit to what you are starting to develop.

In conclusion, the patience to the process is something you have to ingrain inside of you before starting a self love journey because the benefits always keep coming in as you progress. You are the most important relationship you will have and the longest relationship you will have on earth. I believe keeping these key points in mind will help you.

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