Five Winning Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Affirmations are short repeated phrases that are essential to anyone a self-love journey. There are a few great affirmations that helped me in my process of healing from the past and moving forward with ease. Here are five winning affirmations that will change your life:

Use these affirmations to hold yourself accountable on your self love journey.

1. I honor the boundaries I have with myself.

Boundaries are not just for outside energy. Check in to see if you are honoring the standards and ideals you have set for yourself. No one’s perfect but work on balancing your time and commit to yourself.

2. Dear inner child, I will not abandon you.

The precious moments you will begin to have with your younger self on a self-love journey will lead you into protective mode. You begin to reparent yourself through the lens of love and protection for who you once were and who you are now, and who you will become.

3. I allow self-love to be my foundation.

Take time to do things you enjoy ALONE. It is valuable to learn about yourself without the opinions and judgments of others at the forefront. 

While spending time alone you will begin to discover what you genuinely love about yourself. Start making yourself the main character of your life. Also, you will start accepting yourself.

4. It is safe to surrender.

Although you become comfortable with being by yourself on a self-love journey, this does not mean you can’t surrender. Surrendering in a moment is not giving up, it is giving room for abundance and support to enter your life.

5. It is safe to be an individual.

If you have ever suffered or still suffer from fitting in, you can inadvertently deny yourself individuality.

You may appear to be different for the sake of being accepted by other people. Some people pride themselves on being different, but what if you’re not different? What if your individuality comes from claiming your regularity. 

Regular people do extraordinary things every day.

Whatever your “You” is, I am here to let you know it is safe to be it. Here, NOW, on this Earth.

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