Positive Self Affirmations

Affirmations are brief repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Beginning or ending your day with positive affirmations will always be helpful in creating calm within your body, mind, and soul.

 Use these affirmations to let go of the day the year or the moments. You have so much wisdom to teach yourself about yourself. You can choose one to repeat before bed and choose another affirmation for each night. 

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  1. I am in love with myself

  2. I am happy in this moment 

  3. No one other than myself is responsible for my happiness.

  4. It easy for me to accept my body

  5. I accept my mind 

  6. I embrace my beauty 

  7. I embrace my face 

  8. I embrace my lips 

  9. I embrace my hair 

  10. I embrace my eyes 

  11. I embrace my nose 

  12. I am comfortable in my skin

  13. I am living a healthy life

  14. I attract happiness 

  15. I am living a happy life 

  16. I am living a balanced life

  17. I attract abundance 

  18. I am living an abundant life 

  19. I let go of self judgment 

  20. I let go of self-doubt 

  21. I embrace and trust myself 

  22. I embrace change 

  23. I embrace the art of letting go

  24. I support myself

    -You are balanced and whole!

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