Childhood Trauma Work By Currently Meditating

Apply These 3 Techniques To Heal Childhood Traumas​

Childhood Trauma Work By Currently Meditating

Having a hard time dealing with childhood traumas? There are moments like seeing a childhood friend or relative you have not seen in a long time, or going to therapy that triggers memories of your childhood. It is there you recognize the trauma that your body, mind, and spirit may hold onto from adolescence. 

There you are left in a precarious place. Do you decide to go deeper into those thoughts and feelings some that may be difficult to handle all at once? Do you place it somewhere in the back of your mind and hope to come back to it at another time? What decision would one make?

Deciding to do the needed shadow work to explore your childhood traumas may be the part of the spiritual awakening where you can detoxify yourself. It can also provide information about why you are showing up in life the way you are. Doing shadow work helps to clear your body, mind, and spirit from the old programs and conditioning from the past.

This work is not easy and it takes compassion for your many younger selves and less judgment to heal your childhood selves and become a more well-rounded adult. Here are three techniques to heal childhood traumas in life and on a spiritual awakening.

1. Observing & Reprograming

Just observing  a part of your inner child and taking in everything is enough to start to understand what work you can do to help your inner child heal from traumas. When you first see your inner child you may only be able to observe. Taking the first step of sensing a feeling or vision of your younger self will allow you to observe:

  • How old you are
  • Where you are
  • What objects or people are around
  • What do you feel
  • Do you feel safe

Once you visit your inner child more often your inner child may begin to open up to you and tell you how they feel in their way. 

2. Affirming The Inner Child

Identify a specific place your inner child is located in the mind and body. Use the tools you have developed on your journey  to affirm this inner child. If you are just beginning to heal your childhood traumas some tools that help affirm your inner child include:

This process takes place over some time on your journey. During a spiritual awakening the healing process may seem accelerated to help you to let go of what is not serving your highest good.
journaling by currently meditating

3. Reparenting

You are no longer who you once were. You are now a bit more mature and you have learned from your experiences. You can now use the wisdom you have acquire to keep your inner child safe. There are many ways to reparent you inner child some include:

  • Establish a clear age and time boundary that allows you to be in control as an adult 
  • Create structure and discipline for your inner child by bringing order into your adult life
  • Honoring a wish your inner child always had by granting it
  • Spend time to communicate and with your younger selves through journaling
  • Hug yourself as if you are hugging a younger part of you
  • Protect your inner child by creating a safe space for you and your younger selves.
There will be different ages of your younger self that comes up to be observed, reprogrammed, affirmed, and reparented. Do the work to heal yourself and grow into the beautiful enlightened being you already are.

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