#1 Black Women Empowerment Affirmations

Black Women Affirmations highlighting restoration, relaxation, and empowerment.

These affirmations were created to help empower and uplift black women all around the world. These affirmations are created to be listened to and spoken throughout the day or in a comfortable place for you to relax and recharge.  WATCH THIS VIDEO: 

What Is Black Restoration Month?

Black Restoration Month is a time to highlight restoration, relaxation, and empowerment within the black community. I created this framework for looking at Black History Month from the lens of restoration. From Feb.1-March My podcast Meditating On Self Love Podcast will have affirmations dedicated to relaxation and empowerment as well as affirmations centered around black restoration. Use #blackrestorationmonth all month long to promote the importance of restoration, relaxation, and empowerment in the black community.

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Join host Ya Rose, if you are starting a self acceptance journey or just want to hear some great affirmations. This is the podcast for you. 

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