Self Discovery Affirmations

Affirmations are short repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Use these affirmations to boost your confidence and bring safety into your body, mind, and soul.

 Use these affirmations to embrace your inner discoveries. Allow yourself to embrace the change that is happening within your subconscious while using these affirmations.

1. I am on a journey of self discovery.
2. I realize the brilliance of my mind.
3. I realize the brilliance of my body.
4. I realize the brilliance of my heart.
5. I embrace the desires of my heart.
6. I acknowledge my inner truths.
7. I reflect on my life’s purpose.
8. I let go of all the excuses that held me back.
9. I embrace the changes I am making in my life.
10. I accept my light side and dark side. 
11. I work to make effective changes in my future.
12. I am thankful for this present moment.
13.  I am unafraid of my necessary growth.
14. I am committed to exploring my personal enjoyment.

Use these affirmations to assist you on your self love journey. 💕

15. I welcome fun and adventure into my life.
16. I honor and respect my gifts and talents.
17. I affirm that I am valuable.
18. I affirm that I am worthy. 
19. I am worthy of this present moment.
20. I accept this inner journey of self acceptance.
21.  I accept the person I truly am.
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