Bedtime Affirmations

Affirmations are shorten repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Use these affirmations to help you take steps to self acceptance each day.

Affirmations will help you embrace your inner worthiness and serve as a tool along the journey of healing unworthiness.  Enjoy these bedtime affirmations!

1. I am letting go of the day.
2. I am settling down into a restful place.
3. I am ready to let go of the day.
4. I embrace all of the blessings and lessons from the day.
5. I am relaxing.
6. I am relaxing my body.
7. I am relaxing my mind.
8. I breathe in peace and exhale tension from the day.
9. I let go of the need to do.
10. I embrace stillness in this moment. 
11.  I let go of overthinking.
12. I affirm that I am having a restful sleep.
13.  I embrace the safety in my body.
14. I am unafraid to be alone in my body.

Use these affirmations to assist you on your self love journey. 💕

15. I will safely enter a restful sleep.
16. My dreams will be filled with guiding messages if I wish to seek them.
17. I will have peace as I go through my stages of sleep.
18. I am relaxing into an amazing sleep. 
19. I will arise and remember any beneficial messages from my sleep.
20. I affirm it is safe to have an amazing, restful sleep.
-You are balanced and whole!
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