Positive Affirmations For Life

Affirmations are brief repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Having a goodnight’s rest and waking up refreshed  starts with finding calm from your surroundings and from within your body, mind, and soul.

 Use these affirmations to let go of the day, the year, or the moments. You have so much wisdom to teach yourself about yourself. You can choose one to repeat before bed and choose another affirmation for each night. 

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1. I accept myself with all my imperfections.
2. I acknowledge that I am made of pure light.
3. I let go of all labels from others.
4. I acknowledge that I am one of a kind. 
5. I respect myself and my gifts.
6.  I nurture my gifts and talents.
7. I recognize the miracle of each breath.  
8. I cherish what I have in this present moment. 
9. I accept my calling in life.
10. I know that life’s challenges are setting me up for greatness.  
11. I am letting go of what no longer serves me. 
12. I am focused on my self-love journey.
13. I encourage myself. 
14. I will make it through any hard times.
15. I am resilient.
13. I am brilliant. 
14. I protect my heart while acknowledging that I am love.
15. I set and maintain proper boundaries with myself and others.
16. I am stronger now than in my past days. 
17. I am living in my most authentic self. 
18. I love who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming.
19. I am doing a good job.
20. Now, I know how to stand alone though not be lonely.
-You are balanced and whole!

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