Affirmations I Am Love

Affirmations are shorten repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Use these affirmations to help you take steps to self-acceptance each day.

Affirmations will help you draw closer to your inner worthiness unlocking the realization that you are love.  Enjoy these affirmations I am love!

1. I am releasing the feeling of unworthiness.
2. I am acknowledging my self-worth.
3. I am embracing my independence.
4. I am embracing my freedom to love.
5. I am embracing my freedom to love myself.
6. I am embracing my freedom to love my space. 
7. I am embracing my freedom to love others.
8. I embrace that I am love.
9. In this moment, I acknowledge the presence of love.
10. Love is all around me. 
11.  There is a constant awareness of love following from my heart.
12. I prepare love to find me where ever I go.
13. My love strengthens me and allows me to keep going.
14. My love allows me to keep me growing. 

Use these affirmations to assist you on your self love journey. 💕

15. I am grateful for the positive changes that love has brought into my life. 
16. I accept and allow love to flow in all areas of my life.
17. I embrace the self-esteem love builds in me.
18. I use the wisdom love shares with me. 
19. I embrace the energy love ignites in me.
20. I embrace the abundant impact love has throughout all time.
21. I am love. 
-You are balanced and whole!
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