Affirmations For Reparenting: Father Mother Wound

Reparenting yourself is a part of healing the past trauma that may have a negative influence on your present choices. You may unconsciously manifest pain in your life from any trauma you have surrounding the father or mother wound.
Here are affirmations for reparenting the father mother wound:

Activity: Use these words to affirm the younger ages in your life. Visualize your father or mother figure speaking to your inner child in adolescence.

1. You are beautiful.
2. I love you just as you are.
3. I am so proud of you.
4. You are safe with me.
5. I am protecting you.
6. You are valuable to me.
7. You are great.
8. You are destined for even more greatness.
9. You deserve nothing but the best.
10. There's nothing you can't achieve in this life.
11. You were born to shine.
12. Keep shining.

Activity: Visualize your father or mother figure seeing you grow throughout your ages and say to you these positive affirmations. 

13. You are here for a reason.
14. Stay focused on your purpose.
15. Keep going, I believe in you.
16. Be proud of yourself.
17. Be proud of where you come from.
18. You are my greatist gift.
19. You are special.
20. You are the prize.
21. There's nothing you can do that will make me stop loving you.
22. You are love.

You can use these affirmations to affirm yourself on your self-love journey. Find ways to build a deeper stronger sense of self with these affirmations. Using a father or mother-like voice will help to build your self-esteem by healing any pain your inner child has inside. 

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