Evening Self Love Affirmations

Evening Self Love Affirmations highlighting the importance of mindful fitness.

These affirmations were created to help empower and uplift seekers of self acceptance and self esteem on your self-love journey. These affirmations are created to be listened to and spoken throughout the day or in a comfortable place for you to relax and recharge. 

Evening Self Love Affirmations

1) As I settle in my space I am aware of my body. 

2) I am empowered to rest inside the love I feel for myself. 

3) I connect to happy thoughts of myself and I feel empowered. 

4) I have been committed to making my life the best it can be. 

5) I accept myself for who I am. 

6) I am proud of living through another day. 

7) At this moment, I love myself. 

8) I practice self-compassion. 

9) I am loving the growth I am seeing in myself. 

10) No self-improvement is too small to celebrate. 

11) I cheer for another day of self-love. 

12) I affirm I am protected and loved by God. 

13) As I wind down for the day, I affirm my body, mind, and spirit will recharge gracefully. 


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