Affirmations For Love – (How to choose love 14 affirmations)

Let’s explore this topic with Affirmations For Love.

Love is a powerful word, but what does it really mean? Is it a feeling, a choice, or something else? In this episode, we’ll inspect what love is and how you can work on improving your relationship with it. As well as Affirmations For Love.

Affirmations For Love, Meditating On Self Love

We all want to be happy. But we don’t always know how to make that happen. It’s so easy to think that the answer to our problems is money or love. It’s the most powerful force in, right? But what if the answer is not just love but choosing to love? In this episode, let’s explore this topic with Affirmations For Love.

It’s no secret that self improvement is a chief focus on our self-love journey. Self improvement of healing a broken heart, learning to trust our voices, learning to let go of shame, improve our relationship to God, ourselves and others. 

This week in answering coaching questions, I recognized the over simplified answer to most of the questions we have is love. 

But to go a little deeper, the answer is not just love, but the choice to love.

Asking The Wrong Questions About Love

We often ask ourselves these questions as it relates to popular forms of love: We may ask We may not know how to:

  • How to be in love,

  • How to be in a relationship

  • How to have a relationship

  • How to have a good relationship

  • How to be a good partner

  • How to find love

  • How to be single

  • How to attract love

  • How to attract a mate

  • How To Love ourselves

  • How to love God

  • How to love others

I want you to know that you are not alone. 

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Ask Yourself These Questions Instead

Instead, I believe we can explore the following choices. These choices solve how we can improve our relationship to love in all areas of our lives. We have to make in love to walk in love daily. 

  • How can we choose to tell ourselves the truth about ourselves, our lifestyle and the surrounding Nouns? 

  • How can we choose to forgive others and ourselves so that we don’t block our hearts from the blessings that are around us? 

  • How can we to choose to stop judging others to make it easier for us to judge ourselves less?

  • How can we choose to give?

  • How can we choose to practice the Golden Rule?


  • How can we choose to stay humble and exalt God and not ourselves and others? 

Some of these tools we will explore all the time on Meditating On Self Love Podcast

These choices may seem a lot less exciting than the previous ones, but they help to maintain love in our lives. 

This along with The Five stages of self love.

In Stages 1 & 2, we choose love through the form of knowledge and awareness about ourselves. In Stage 3 & 4, self commitment and self devotion: we walk and display love as less judgment, forgiveness, and giving. And on Stage 5: Self-acceptance, we choose truth and humility. We’ll explore the 5 stages a lot more this season. But for now:


Today’s episode Affirmations For Love will help you start your self-love journey with affirmations that will help you learn how to love God, yourself, and others more truly. 


And I pray…


Lord, teach us how to love in everything we do.

Teach us you, love, in all forms.

Break any shackles around our hearts that keep us

From experiencing you, love.

Teach us how to forgive, so we don’t block our blessings.

Teach us to live

Teach us to give.

Put us on the path of truth and help us live with pure hearts.

We welcome these renewals.

All these things and more, we pray.

Amen and amen.

Affirmations For Confidence

  1. I am choosing love.

  2. I am choosing to love in its many forms.

  3. I acknowledge God is the highest form of love.

  4. I am embracing God’s love.

  5. I am embracing the love I have for myself.

  6. I am choosing to love myself.

  7. I am choosing to forgive myself.

  8. I am open to forgiving others.

  9. I no longer harbor resentment in my heart.

  10. I practice discernment to protect my heart.

  11. I acknowledge the love God has and will send to me in the form of others.

  12. I choose to love others.

  13. I practice the Golden Rule. 

  14. I choose to give and receive love. 



Here are this week’s journal writing prompts. Answer: What areas of my life do I struggle to choose love? 

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