Affirmations For Black Women

Affirmations are brief repeated statements that encourage the subconscious mind towards beneficial beliefs and actions. Beginning or ending your day with positive affirmations will always be helpful in creating calm within your body, mind, and soul.

 Use these affirmations to let go of the day the year or the moments. You have so much wisdom to teach yourself about yourself. You can choose one to repeat before bed and choose another affirmation for each night. 

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1. I am that I am.
2. I embrace who I am.
3. I am worthy.
4.  I am worthy of my life.
5. I am worthy of my voice.
6. I am worthy of my choice.
7. I choose me.
8. I choose to love myself. 
9. I choose to accept myself.
10. I choose to love others.
11. I am free to love myself. 
12. I am free to love others. 
13. I put myself first. 
14. It is okay to be myself.
15. I am enough just as I am.
16. I am beautifully made. 
17. I am a beautifully made woman. 
18. I am a work of art.
19. I am full of self-confidence. 
20. I am full of self-esteem. 
21. I am the creator of my desires. 
22. It is okay to desire greatness.
 23. I am great. 
24. I let go of shame. 
25. I am proud of myself. 
26. I am proud of my history.
 27. I am proud of my lineage. 
28. I let go of self-doubt. 
29. I let go of fear. 
30. I let go of negative programming. 
31. I reprogram my mind towards empowerment. 
32. I am fearless. 
33. I walk into my purpose with poise. 
34. I am proud of who I am. 
35. I fill my cup up first.
36. I give from a cup that is overflowing. 
37. I am my own trend setter. 
38. I trust in my inner-self.  
39. I release the bonds of systemic racism. 
40. I walk in opportunity over oppression. 
41. Each day, I arise with pure belief in myself and my abilities. 
42. I get better with time.
43. It is safe for me to grow and learn.
44. Each night, I rest in the knowing that I am deserving of love. 
45. I love me.
-You are balanced and whole!

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