Affirmations For Healing Childhood Traumas

Use these affirmations to assist you on your self love journey. 💕

1. Dear inner child, I connect to my inner child with love. 
2.  I am here with you. 
3. I am one with you.
4. I acknowledge your presence in this moment. 
5. I acknowledge that you may be hurting. 
6. I acknowledge that there is pain.
7. I am sending you love right now.
8. I allow you the time to acknowledge me. 
9. I graciously share this moment of peace and calm with you.
10. I take this time to tell you that I see you.
11.  I see where you are right now.
12.  I acknowledge your space.
13. I fill your space with love and care.
14. I embrace you with the love of your highest self.
15. I hear you.
16. Dear inner child, I will not abandon you. 
17.  I am embracing you with safety and comfort.
18. I honor your life.
19. I honor the space you have held for me.
20. I thank you for protecting me all these year.
21. I honor your wisdom.
22. Please, allow me to honor you by healing your pain.
23. Allow me to grow in this self-love journey. 
24.Thank you for allowing me to grow. 
24.  It is safe to let go of the wounds and heal.
25. Thank you for allowing me to show you the self-love you deserve.  
-You are balanced and whole!