Meditating On Self Love Membership™

$15 / month
  • Unlimited text & audio messaging
  • Initial coaching session to discuss goals with Ya Rose

Meditating On Self Love Membership™

$125 / pay annually/ Get 1.5 months Free
  • Unlimited text & audio messaging
  • Initial coaching session to discuss goals with Ya Rose

From Fear To Faith: 22 Transformation Challenge

$88 / month
  • A time to set a New Goal for the New Year
  • Identify and let go of a Fear that is Holding You Back
  • One 30 min. weekly phone call
  • Create and Take Practical Action Steps To Reach A Short Term Goal
  • Transformational Worksheets and Activities
  • Unlimited Check-Ins Throughout The 8 Weeks
  • Weekly Prayer Request

Hi, I'm Ya Rose

Founder of Meditating On Self Love Membership™ and Meditating On Self Love Podcast. I have been on a self-love journey for seven years now and have developed key stages that will help anyone begin their self-love journey. It hasn’t always been a wonderfully easy, consistent, joyful experience- can you relate? I’ve started MOSLM after working with some dedicated Meditating On Self Love Podcast listeners. Helping seekers of self-love like you become independent thinkers, full of self-trust, consistency, and strong boundaries. I specialize in helping seekers become their own best friends by taking steps to solidly work on themselves. You no longer have to deal with your self-acceptance struggles alone.

Mission & How I Can Help You

The mission is to achieve the highest standards in the practice of self-love and self-acceptance. Ya Rose of Meditating On Self Love Podcast & Membership is committed to bringing seekers from a place of lack of self-trust and boundaries to consistently holding themselves accountable to achieving a life of self-love through independent thought and true self-acceptance.

Meditating On Self Love Membership™ is a place for seekers starting or recommitting to their self-love journey, all about self-love infused with mindfulness, stages of self-love, meditation, and much more. If you are on a self-love journey, know the importance of becoming your biggest fan, developing healing modalities, and an abundance mindset, or build your self-esteem, this is the place for you.

As A Founding Member You Will:

In Case You Missed Anything:

It is a digital membership service that allows you to  have unlimited text and audio messaging with podcast host and self-acceptance coach Ya Rose. 

(1) All monthly plans are $15 per month. (2) All annual plans are $125 per year.  (Almost 2 free months of membership).  No Refunds.

All members receive access  & instructions on how to communicate on an ongoing basis with Ya Rose about their self-love journey. Other 3rd-party messaging services may be available per request. 

Cancellations Policy:

Stripe Credit/Debit Card users may request a membership cancellation via or directly from 3rd party messaging service Voxer. Paypal users may cancel membership inside user’s paypal account. Other options includes contacting your payment processor ( Stripe, Paypal, Credit/Debit Card Issuer) and telling them you wish to stop the automatic payment for this membership. Reach out to if you are having any issues.

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