The Pure Heart Method™

The Pure Heart Method™ highlighting the importance of surrender on your journey.

In order to shape your true desired life, one that is not influenced by whatever trend the who’s who is doing, you must start with a pure heart. My pure heart method was developed when I had a series of internal unrest in my spirit.

The Pure Heart Method™

I had a sense in my heart and gut that I needed to do some internal clearing. It was a weekend where for some reason all of my mentors were busy. I took this as a sign to go within. I am so glad I did. To be fair I was never really alone. It was a time to pray and ask God for guidance. And what was revealed were these three steps to finding the truth within. 

Step #1: Explore Your Truth

The first step of the pure heart method is to explore your truth. You may suffer from low self-esteem. You may still resent a parent for abandoning you. You may still hold resentment for an ex. You may hate your career choice. Whatever that truth is, like the Beginner Self Stage, it needs to be observed and explored. Here are some ways you can explore your truth:


Self Love Journal Assignment:

Use the answers to your questions to explore your truth. 

  1. Identify what you are currently insecure about in your life.
  2. What are your current triggers?
  3. Who do you find it hard to forgive?
  4. What makes you passionate, in both good and bad ways?
  5. What truth are you afraid to admit even to yourself?
  6. What still evokes fear, shame, or guilt?

Step #2: Surrender

Now that you have explored these truths it is time for the next step. It is time to take steps to clear out your heart. Surrender. Learning to surrender all of your truth to God. It is about acknowledging if there are burdens in your life that you would still like healing in. It is also acknowledging areas in life you still need growth in.

Step #3: Seek Support

 Lastly, the third step in the Pure Heart Method™ is seeking support. There are many forms of support. I identified what I truly wanted in my life from a pure heart. I then worked to let go of everything else that was not in my pure heart plan. This allowed me to say no to things that would inevitably serve as a distraction because they did not fit my pure heart plan. I then wrote out affirmations and meditations that would help me in developing a pure heart. I also spoke to trusted support about having a goal of living from a pure heart. For you, this may look like a therapist, friend, support group. Make it your mission to learn all there is to know about living freely, honoring your heart’s desires, forgiveness, and self-discipline.

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