How To Live Freely With A Pure Heart

Live a free live today!

There are many ways to live freely with a pure heart. The majority of the process to freedom is to live from a place of authenticity. This is the space of your actual truth vs. what is taught to you, or what you believe you should have. Most of the time, when you search your heart the answer to living a pure heart is simple. Living from a pure heart is what helps to create a more free life. 

The Pure Heart Method™

Take a few moments to identify what in your heart needs to change. Find a comfortable place to sit where you can journal for a few moments. You may come back to these assignments whenever you need to surrender to your pure heart.

Assignment #1

Take some time and recognize what is troubling your heart. Once you let go of these areas in your heart, you will be able to live freely. 

  • What are the offenses you are holding in your heart?  
  • What are the areas you are not willing to let go of? 
  • Who have you not forgiven? 
  • How can you guard your heart so you no longer will no longer be offended? 
  • What conversations may lead to being offended? 
  • What chapters in my life do I need to close? 
  • How can I let go of caring what others think? 
  • How can I stop falling into traps of what others think about me? 
  • I can I show up each day as my authentic self? 


Assignment #2

Now that you have searched your heart: use the answers to your questions to create the affirmations for a more free life. You can use this strategy in any area of your life. There is no topic or challenge big or small to write positive affirmations. You can use affirmations to help you grow in more confidence on your self-love journey daily.




My heart is improving each day.

I affirm I confidently guard my heart.            

I am in tune with my voice and when and how to speak. 

I express myself effectively. 

Each day, I let go of any fears surrounding my voice.

I am practicing self-confidence, as I let go of past fears.

I refuse to let Nouns live rent-free in my head.

Today, I am reclaiming my voice. 


I created the Meditating On Self Love Podcast, as a way from affirmations to become a daily practice for those on the road to self-acceptance and more self-love. I use this strategy to help the community start to affirm what is authentically true each day as we all grow together on this self-love journey. 

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