• Self Affirmations Life Cycle

    Self Affirmations Life Cycle

    Affirmations are the positive feedback loops that serve as an intervention for the inner self and the outer world. Affirmations are fundamental to maintaining self love and self worth at an optimal level. There will be times when one’s self will be threatened by external or internal forces.  This is when affirmations are necessary to raise the vibration and perception of one’s self.  According to a study done by, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, University of California, self affirmations activate parts of the brain that can be used to self process and reward one’s self. The parts of the brain include: (medial prefrontal cortex posterior cingulate cortex) for self processing and (ventral striatum ventral medial…

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    Mediterranean Diet 101 | How To Start

    Mediterranean Diet 101 | How To Start The Mediterranean diet is composed of eating more fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish, legumes and avoiding some other types of foods. Learn how to start a Mediterranean diet by breaking down what you can eat into four main categories:  What to base every meal on What to eat twice a week What to eat moderately in a week What to eat monthly or in small amounts According to a study in, The New England Journal of Medicine, the Mediterranean diet could be used to help primary prevention of cardiovascular disease for those in their fifties. Always, consult with your doctor before starting a new diet. Here is a list of…