7 Self-Love Quotes From DMX You Need To Know

Earl DMX Simmons used his poetic, honest, and authentic voice to transcend hip hop music and the world.

As many mourned the loss and celebrated his legacy on April 24th and April 25th, 2021.
Here are seven self-love messages from DMX quotes and lyrics:
1. "You have to have humility. You have to be able to humble yourself and know what you got, know where it came from."

Telling yourself the truth about your past and your present allows you to recognize your blessings each day.

2. "We each have a star, all you have to do is find it. Once you do, everyone sees it you won’t be blinded."

Self-love helps us to identify our natural talents and leads us to work on our craft.

3. "Anything that’s not positive, I don’t have the energy to focus on it. Anything that’s not going in the right direction, I don’t have the time or the energy.”

On a self-love journey, you begin to feed and nourish yourself more and let go of what does not allow you to grow.

4. "The curse turned to grace when the hurt turned to faith.”

Learning to believe and have faith in yourself each day turns hardships into great life lessons that keep you going.

5. "I know I may have done some bad things, but I'm not a bad person."

Self-love comes with letting go of the need to be perfect and any shame that comes from being labeled.

6. "t’s a waste of energy to think about what somebody else is doing and how they doing it. I’ma just do what I do."

Starting a self-love journey forces you to put your needs before others to live your authentic life.

7. "The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow."

Life is a journey. May we all take these words of wisdom to help us on our self-love journeys. Long live Earl DMX(Dark Man X) Simmons!

-Ya Rose, iamyarose.com

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